* Henrico County Police Department 

* The Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 

* Area Business Owners 

​* Faith Leaders 

       Goals Met...


​​Henrico teacher creates mentor program for students without dads

MEntor Leadership Program  

The Community has become the TEAM CHANGING its community.  It starts with perception and working together. Henrico County Police Department has taken the initiative to change the negative image and climate surrounding the Men-In-Blue. 

Representatives under the leadership of Lieutenant Scott Kibicki have gone above and beyond to move a community from fear and anger to a community of trust and protection. 



      Taking Charge of the Change 

       our GROWING team

DonorS - Partners 

* Scholarships 

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* Academic Resources 

#Team Change is working to unlock the leader within elementary young men by placing positive role models as mentors. #Team Change will provide enriching opportunities to communicate bi-monthly in a safe and secure environment. As in all quality mentoring relationships, the needs and interests of the young people drive the exchanges between the mentee and mentor. Read More... 

Coventry Gardens & Newbridge Village "Sweet Frog" Day ​​

Coventry Gardens & Newbridge Viliage "Community Day" 

October  2016 - Present 

Active Lunch Buddy/Mentor Program in One Local School 

Community Tree of Giving
Serving The Coventry Gardens &
 Highland Springs  Community

​December  2016 

 A day of giving not only to receive but to pay it forward. Those attending received two gifts. One gift for themselves, and another to give away. Those sending in poof of paying it forward received a second gift  - A BRAND NEW BICYCLE 

Facilitated Workshop - #TeamChange 
Sponsored by Women on The Move a Henrico County Public School Initiative 

February 2017

Title: Balancing Work and Family  


MLK Stop The Violence Walk

Another round of bikes given out on this day by the Police Department 

mission & vision

 We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and revitilize our community.